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court* jester

the girl
Tala. Canada. College student. World Studies. Bilingual. Three cats.

is a
Writer. Fangirl. Procrastinator. Dreamer. Perfectionist. Spazz. Free spirit.

as well as being
Honest whenever possible. Mildly sarcastic. Friendly. Supposedly intelligent. Open-minded. Extravagant. Lazy like a cat. A shade narcissistic. Compassionate. Kooky.

PUBLIC. RL. Flailage. Memes. Ficcing. Rambles. Whatever else you may find.

Anime/manga. BL. Video games, namely RPGs. Asian music. Books. Shiny things.

Waking up before ten. Calculus. Mosquitoes. Black liquorice.

DDR. Sudoku. Cross-stitch. Photography. Shopping. Swimming. Art. Writing.

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